How to Make Halloween Skeleton Head Rattles PLUS Video | Make your own spooky rattles that can be added to a costume or given away as party favors.
German Chocolate Cupcakes | A deep chocolate cupcake filled with the delicious coconut frosting that we all love along with a creamy butter chocolate frosting. The perfect chocolate cupcake!

German Chocolate Cupcakes

It looks like a chocolate cupcake but is it…..WAIT! There’s a surprise inside! Coconut Pecan Frosting….Inside? Oh yeah. That’s right this yummy chocolate cupcake is really a German Chocolate Cupcake in disguise. I created this cupcake in honor of my Dad. German Chocolate Cake is his favorite. My grandma would bring him one every Christmas. So, this is for you Dad! I Love You!

Lemony Leftover Baked Potatoes | Something new to try with your leftover baked potatoes! These potatoes are also perfect for dinner parties.
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