Best of the Weekend #114

Best of the Weekend Features

IT’S PARTY TIME!  WELCOME TO BEST OF THE WEEKEND!   I have decided to move on to other things so this will be my last party.  BUT THE PARTY WILL GO ON!  Please visit all the other hostesses. Ginnie from Hello Little Home | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+ | Instagram Cindy from Little Miss Celebration | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+ Amy from Ms. Toddy Goo Shoes | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest Last week’s most viewed link which is featured on ALL four of our websites is… CHICKEN CAPRESE by Moms Need to Know My favorites from this week are….. HEAVEN AND HELL CAKE by Say it with Cake FREEZER FRIENDLY CHEDDAR BAY BISCUITS by Teaspoon of Goodness OOEY GOOEY S’MORES CUPCAKES by … Continue reading

Steakhouse Burgers

This Steakhouse Burger is packed with layers of flavor. Chipotle ketchup, melted jack cheese, Peppered Bacon and fried onion straws.

These Steakhouse Burgers are packed with layers of flavor.  Chipotle ketchup, melted jack cheese, Peppered Bacon and fried onion straws.  Make your own masterpiece at home!  It’s summer!  Let’s fire up the grill! It’s time for a backyard cookout and now you have the perfect burger to serve.    I love…love…love the fried onion straws.  I love it when something so simple to make packs a flavor punch.  And that Peppered Bacon was beyond delicious.  This burger was so good I ended up making it again the next weekend.  For a food blogger that’s a big deal. PrintSteakhouse Burgers Prep Time: … Continue reading

Oven Baked Peppered Bacon

Oven Baked Peppered Bacon: Add a punch of flavor to your burger with this simple to make topping.

Oven Baked Peppered Bacon:  Add a punch of flavor to your burger with this simple to make topping. For me, I hate frying bacon.  It pops on my arms and hands, leaves bacon grease all over my stove top and smells up the house for days.  I am in love with this simple way to make the perfect bacon.  Make your burgers stand out from all the others by adding this peppered bacon like I did on my Steakhouse Burgers.  Not just a burger topping but also yummy with eggs for breakfast. Super easy!  Place on a wire rack, sprinkle … Continue reading

20 Fantastic Ice Cream Recipes

20 Fantastic Ice Cream Recipes

Summertime!  The time of year when ice cream is the main dessert choice.  This round up of 20 Fantastic Ice Cream Recipes has an awesome assortment.  Like if an almond joy candy bar is your favorite how about almond joy ice cream?  Or if you love German chocolate cake how about German chocolate cake ice cream? Ice cream socials may be a thing of the past so invite some friends over for an ice cream bar party!  This round up has enough recipes to keep you fully stocked with the best ice cream recipes until it cools off and then … Continue reading

Oven Fried Pork Chops

Oven Fried Pork Chops: Crispy and juicy, you'd never know these aren't fried.

If you didn’t tell anyone they would never know that these Oven Fried Pork Chops aren’t really fried.  These pork chops have such wonderful crispy flavor and are topped with a delicious chimichurri sauce.  The perfect easy weeknight dinner. This recipe is so versatile you can swap out the pork chops for chicken or fish and for the crunchy topping you can swap out the stuffing mix for corn flakes or panko.  I even served these pork chops the next day as leftovers.  I don’t normally like leftovers (they usually end up being my husbands lunch the next day), I … Continue reading

Jello Snow Cone Cupcakes

These Jello Snow Cone Cupcakes are just what my granddaughters ordered.

These Jello Snow Cone Cupcakes are just what my granddaughters ordered.  In three flavors; watermelon, lime and berry blue.  The frosting is creamy like marshmallow.  The combination of a fruity cupcake, marshmallow frosting covered with crunchy colored sugar reminds me of peeps.  I know that may sound weird but they do.  This summer make these fun cupcakes that look like real snow cones. These would be fun to serve on April Fool’s Day.  The girls were so excited to be baking with grandma.  We had a fun day of movies, play dough, balloon tossing and cupcakes! PrintJello Snow Cone Cupcakes … Continue reading