About Sheryl

I have been organizing BIG church events for over 25 years. From Thanksgiving dinners, Vacation Bible School, Fall Festivals, Easter Brunch and Rodeo Fest. I think I’ve done it all and loved every minute of it. So I decided to bring some of that experience to Lady Behind The Curtain. Of course writing a blog is way different then orangaizing an event. I have learned so much about recipe development, food staging and photography. All creative outlets.

Baked Lemon Blueberry Donuts

Baked Lemon Blueberry Donuts - Lady Behind The Curtain

These Baked Lemon Blueberry Donuts are a healthier version to the normal fried donuts. One of my first jobs was working at a snack bar in Safeway.  It was called a snack bar but we had everything a diner would have and more including steaks that the customers got to pick from the meat counter themselves.  Anyway the ‘”snack bar” was located next to the bakery.  Back in those days (the late 70′s) a grocery store bakery actually made all their baked goods in house. They weren’t shipped to them ready to bake.  I remember watching the baker fry the … Continue reading

Cast Party Wednesday #150…and… a Giveaway!


Hello and Welcome to Cast Party Wednesday. To celebrate my wonderful RECIPE CONTRIBUTORS I have put together a fun GIVEAWAY!  Party in a Box!  Everything you will need to create a Vintage Carnival themed party!  See below for details. It’s time for Cast Party Wednesday!  You know what that means?  Time to celebrate our hard work and the wonderful creations that have come from it.  PLEASE feel free to add as many posts as you like.  I love it when creative minds come together!  Forget about the rules lets just HAVE FUN! THANK YOU FOR VISITING LADY BEHIND THE CURTAIN AND … Continue reading

Old Fashioned Carnival Party {Party in a Box Giveaway}


IT’S A PARTY IN A BOX GIVEAWAY! Ready to create a fun party?  This Old Fashioned Carnival Party is packed with fun ideas on how you can create an exciting party!  Filled with vintage items. THE BEST NEWS IS…… I’M GIVING IT ALL AWAY! From vintage popcorn bags, vintage peanut bags to plastic clown cupcake toppers.  This Old Fashioned Carnival Party has it all. Scroll down to learn how you can WIN this party! Let’s start with my favorite item, THE FERRIS WHEEL CUPCAKE HOLDER (you can purchase one from Amazon).  The cupcakes that are riding the Ferris wheel are … Continue reading

Roasted Red Pepper Mango Sauce

Roasted Red Pepper Mango Sauce - Lady Behind The Curtain

This wonderful Roasted Red Pepper Mango Sauce is sweet with a little kick from  the crushed red peppers. The sweet mango and the smokey red peppers compliment each other to make a delicious sauce.  This Roasted Red Pepper Mango Sauce would serve as the perfect base for a salsa.  Just add cilantro and lime.  Serve with chips or serve as is on chicken or fish. I love these Mangoes.  I always have a jar in the refrigerator.  It’s perfect to make sweet salsa’s or smoothies. Create your own Recipe Box and save your favorite Lady Behind The Curtain recipes.  Make … Continue reading

Light Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Muffins

Light Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Muffins - Lady Behind The Curtain

I love my berries dipped in chocolate but I didn’t want something that was high in calories.  So I created these delicious Light Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Muffins.  First this muffin tastes like a healthy version of a raspberry cobbler and then you bite into a white chocolate chip and it changes to a sweet chocolate delight. These Light Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Muffins are chalked full of nutrition.  Made with wheat flour, chai seed, flaxseeds and wheat germ to name a few.  These muffins will supply you with the fuel you need to conquer the morning. Pack these muffins … Continue reading

Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai - Lady Behind The Curtain

I looked in several grocery stores for tamarind ( the staple for making Pad Thai).  This Chicken Pad Thai is made WITHOUT tamarind.  If you’re living in a place where Asian ingredients are hard to find then this Chicken Pad Thai recipe is the perfect recipe for you. I had some leftover barbecued chicken I needed to use and decided to try it in Pad Thai.  I was very excited to learn it was delicious.  I love when I can create a different dish with leftovers. This Chicken Pad Thai has just a hint of heat.  Since I not only … Continue reading