New Year’s Eve Party Bites (20)

About Sheryl

I have been organizing BIG church events for over 25 years. From Thanksgiving dinners, Vacation Bible School, Fall Festivals, Easter Brunch and Rodeo Fest. I think I’ve done it all and loved every minute of it. So I decided to bring some of that experience to Lady Behind The Curtain. Of course writing a blog is way different then orangaizing an event. I have learned so much about recipe development, food staging and photography. All creative outlets.


New Year’s Eve Party Bites (20) — 1 Comment

  1. Hey Sheryl,
    I want to Thank-You for all of these fantastic idea’s & awesome recipe’s that you have shared w/all of us for: – - “New Year’s Eve Party Bites (20)”….
    I’ve been looking for different ideas for snacking & by golly girl, you hit the nail
    right on the head!! .. :) ..
    See, tomorrow (12-31) is me & my hubbie’s 30th Anniversary & we always stay
    at home cause living in the Mountain’s, the weather isn’t always in our favor for
    being on the road’s.. .. Every year I try to find something different for him & I to snack on, but we end up making the same (boring) thing every year!! ..
    I’m gonna jot down the ingredient’s that you have posted to the recipes that caught
    my eye, (which is most of them) & have my hubbie take me shopping first thing
    in the morning so I can make them-up & have them ready for later on….
    We’ll be all set to, sit back, relax & enjoy our “New Year’s Eve & Anniversary”
    right at home nibbling on these awesome snack’s/treat’s!! ..
    Sheryl, I Want To Say – - – Thank’s A Bunch & You & Your Family Have:
    “A Super, Wonderful, Healthy, Happy New Year!!”
    p/s, I Love Your Site!! ..
    Again, Thank’s for doing this for all of us!! .. <3.. :).. Mel…

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