Persimmon Bagels - Lady Behind The Curtain

Persimmon Bagels

MAKE THESE PERSIMMON BAGELS FOR BREAKFAST THANKSGIVING MORNING! You can make these persimmon bagels in advance and freeze until you are ready to serve. Making your own bagels is easier than you think.  Give the bagel shop a break and … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Double Chocolate Brownie Stuffed Cookies - Lady Behind The Curtain
Candy Bar Pops - Lady Behind The Curtain

Candy Bar Pops

So, the big question around my house after Halloween was, what do we do with all this candy?  My kids were not your typical kids.  I could leave the candy out in a basket and they really didn’t care.  Usually … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Spicy Sweet & Sour Pork - Lady Behind The Curtain

Spicy Sweet & Sour Pork

This spicy sweet & sour pork is low on calories and with only a few ingredients very easy to make.  Perfect for a busy weeknight meal. PrintSpicy Sweet & Sour Pork Prep Time: 20 minutesCook Time: 15 minutesTotal Time: 35 … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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Monsters University Party - Lady Behind The Curtain
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