25 Tropical Party Ideas: Wedding receptions, summertime parties or birthday parties there is never a bad time to have a tropical themed party.
Celebrate Shark Week with this fun Shark Tank Jello!
A fluffy cream dessert made with cream cheese, pudding and cool whip. Perfect for a beach theme party.
A find it game that older kids and younger kids will equally enjoy. Perfect for your next birthday party.
Almond Joy Ice Cream - Lady Behind The Curtain
Mini Tropical Drink Cupcake Toppers - Lady Behind The Curtain

Tropical Mango Cupcakes

Kick off your flip flops and relax on the sand under the palm tree with these cute Tropical Mango Cupcakes!  These Tropical Mango Cupcakes have a surprise waiting inside for you.  They’re full of chopped mango! Create a fun tropical … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Tropical Pineapple Wedge Candy - Lady Behind The Curtian

Tropical Pineapple Wedge Candy

The summer heat is coming!  This cool and refreshing Tropical Pineapple Wedge Candy is the perfect way to celebrate summer without turning on the oven.  I call Pineapple Natures Candy.  My husband always makes fun of me because every time … [CLICK TO READ MORE]