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Cake Mix Sandwich Cookies — 14 Comments

  1. Sheryl, these just look the happiest cookies ever and I LOVE your photo! This just perked me up on a Monday morning! 🙂 These would be fabulous for a birthday, too. I always love your recipes – thanks for sharing, pinning and have a happy Monday!

  2. Sheryl, I love cake batter anything, and these cookies look amazing! I can’t wait to bake them, I am such a fan of yours, this is my favorite recipe site ever!!!! You are truly the best!!!!!! Annmarie

  3. I made these this weekend, they are super cute and very tasty. Love them, this won’t be the last time I make them, this recipe is a keeper. Thank you.

  4. Hi. I will be making these for my children’s school dance. Just curious as to what cake mix you used? No rush but would like to make these tomorrow night! Lol 🙂 so sort of a rush.

  5. Thank you. These turned out great! So easy and something different. I know these will be a huge hit at the bake sale! I did have to sample of course 🙂
    Look nice and taste great!

  6. Hi Sheryl,

    Just wondering if you made the cake mix as per the instructions on the mix, and then added the extra ingredients? Not sure if you meant add dry mix with eggs, oil, etc or make packet mix and then add the eggs, oil, etc.


    • Hi Isabella, Only use the cake mix….and the extra ingredients I added. Ignore the ingredients listed on the cake mix box.

    • Hi Carolyn, I’ve never had gluten free cake or cookies. If the cookie is strong enough to hold then I think it will work beautifully.

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