Cast Party Wednesday #133 — 28 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for the party! 🙂 Facebook seems to be cutting it’s nose off despite it’s face ….. so sad. I guess they don’t realize that even though we have “business pages” … not all of us rake in the money and can afford advertising! I’m curious to see how things go over on SU!!

  2. Hi Sheryl ,
    I’ve been getting quite a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon this week. If that’s you, thank you! lol. I haven’t logged on there for ages but I will do so today and see what’s up.
    I’ve been over FB for a long time and I’m loving Google+ and Pinterest as well. Have you heard of sulia? Someone posted a recipe of mine on there this week and I had quite a few views. I joined but have to figure out how it works, lol.
    Thanks so much for the party.

  3. I just checked my stats yesterday and 80% of my traffic now comes from Pinterest. So I’m thrilled you will be sharing there!

    Thanks for hosting the party. I tried hosting one myself for a while and it’s a lot of work!

  4. First off, that Shrimp Po’ Boy looks heavenly!! YUM. SEcond, I like the changes you’re making. I too host a link party, Tasty Tuesdays, and am looking for ways to promote the links. I may try StumbleUpon as well. Let me know how yours goes.

    Have a great week Sheryl!

  5. Love your new changes! Facebook has been such a disappointment lately. Pinterest and StumbleUpon are my biggest traffic sources. I don’t get “stumbled” that often, but when I do, my page views are triple my daily average (that’s why I’m trying to encourage sharing via StumbleUpon on my blog). Thanks so much for making a great party even better! Fantastic idea! Have a wonderful week.

  6. Hello Sheryl, I’ve just found your lovely party, so I’m happy to be here. I’ve also just signed up for SU , its all very new to me and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing on it, but I will look for you and follow – if I can! I’ve found Facebook very disappointing with all their changes recently, as a blogger and just a user of the service, it just doesn’t seem to understand what I want to see!

    • Hi Julie, Thanks for joining the party! I know what you mean about StumbleUpon. I think I’m doing it right but who knows! HA! 🙂

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