Hello fellow bloggers!  I have some NEWS to share with you!

So, we have all felt the decline in our traffic since Facebook decided to change the amount of posts our followers can see.  I even started paying more attention to StumbleUpon and Pinterest and pretty much was dropping Facebook.

I know all of us belong to some sort of Facebook group where you can share your ideas, posts and questions.

Well I took that a step further and created a Facebook group with several food bloggers as admin.   I’m inviting all my friends to come over and join the group.  This way you will ALWAYS see our posts.  Yep, you’ll get new recipes 7 days a WEEK!  The name of the group is THE RECIPE BOX (click name for link).  I hope you will come over and join us!  This is a BRAND NEW group .  So, please be patient while we build our followers and admin.  🙂

The Recipe Box Facebook Group

I’d like to thank you all for your encouraging words while I try to figure out how to make all of this Facebook mess work.  🙂

It’s time for Cast Party Wednesday!  You know what that means?  Time to celebrate our hard work and the wonderful creations that have come from it.  PLEASE feel free to add as many posts as you like.  I love it when creative minds come together!  Forget about the rules lets just HAVE FUN!


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Today I am sharing something to get you in the mood for SUMMER!

With a layer of lemon cake and a layer of orange cake topped with a creamy cream cheese frosting.  They remind me of the sunsets we saw while we were in Hawaii.



Thanks again for visiting Lady Behind The Curtain!



Cast Party Wednesday #135 — 17 Comments

    • Hi Annamaria,
      I think the only way you can join groups is through a personal Facebook account. I can’t join with my Lady Behind The Curtain page. If you have a personal account join through that, but don’t forget to add under your description the name of your business name. 🙂

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