Cast Party Wednesday: Link Party #40 — 17 Comments

  1. Hi! Thanks for hosting the party! I would love to add your button, but I do not see an html code with it to copy. Can you email me on what I need to do? Thanks so much!

    Leslie ~

    • Hi Leslie,
      There are two ways to get the Cast Party Wednesday button.
      1. Above right before the party starts is a button that will take you to my button page.
      2. At the top you will see a link labled “buttons”. That’s where you will find all my button.

      Thanks for coming to the party! 🙂

  2. great scones darling! I have some rhubarb sitting in the fridge, I wonder if I could sub that for the strawbs?

    This week I’ve linked up:

    1. Why I think 3 ways are always a good idea… aka Gnocchi 3 Ways: Part 1.
    2. My Spring seasonal guest post @ Seattle Seedling where I ask for a “beeting”… aka Spring Beet Bruschetta.

    What’s wrong with me? I think I need help.

  3. Thank you for hosting. A lot of seem to have scones on our mind!

    I’ve linked my orange and cranberry scones. They’re perfect with a cup of tea and, while they’re baking, they make the house smell heavenly. Enjoy!

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