Mom’s Classic Texas Sheet Cake — 44 Comments

  1. This cake looks DIVINE!!! Anything with chocolate and buttermilk HAS to be good. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Yes it is a classic but one I have never made before. Thank you for sharing.

    Carolyn/A Southerner’s Notebook

  2. OMG! (I never say OMG, btw.) This is my grndmother’s recipe! Are we related?! I’ve been making this cake for 25 years, and my mom made it for me as a kid. Somewhere along the line we started making it in a regular cake pan. We use buttermilk in the frosting instead of milk. Makes a dense, moist cake with thick, fudgy buttermilk frosting. The original recipe calls for a jelly roll pan, like yours. Baking time might need adjusting, depending on what pan you use.

    • Hi Erin, Sure you can substitute milk for the buttermilk. Did you know if you add a little lemon juice to milk it will sour and become a homemade version of buttermilk? 🙂

  3. I just made this recipe this evening!! It turned out perfect! I have never made Texas Sheet Cake, but my Mom made it once in a blue moon as a kid. Delicious!!

  4. I have had this cake before. The very BEST chocolate cake I have had in my life, was this very cake!However, the last time I had it, the frosting was not as dense…it was more on the fluffy side. Both ways were very good. Good enough for me to go by the ingredients i don’t have on hand, to make this cake this weekend! Thanks for sharing. great with pecans mixed in the icing as well!!!!

  5. I have made a similar version of this cake for years, only mine is called Texas Brownie. I bake mine in a 1013 cake pan so it’s a little more like a cake (thickness). Never made it with buttermik before but where the recipes are almost identical…I’ll surely use it next time . It will make it lighter and more moist! Thanks for sharing this awesome “yummy”.

  6. I have made this recipe many times. I have also tried other Texas sheet cake recipes. This recipe always turns out better than the others I have tried. I follow directions exactly and the results are fabulous.

  7. Finally!!! Looks like my Granny’s recipe that I lost (im so ashamed of myself) & have been searching the internet to find something similar. This looks like it, YAY!

    • Hi Judy, If you want the cake to come out clean then yes you should use some form of oil. Non stick cooking spray is the easiest solution.

  8. Hi, Sheryl. Christmas greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas! Thank you for posting this recipe. It is exactly what I will be making for our Christmas Eve festivities, as we have appetizers and sweets (party foods) on that fun day before Christmas. Indeed this recipe is o l d ! Thank you again, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. Love this recipe and this as a great pitch in dessert! Can you make it have you ever made it the day before? If you do, do you keep it room temperature or refrigerate it?

    • Hi Amanda, Yes you can make this cake the day before. I just leave it covered on the counter. It’ll keep for a couple of days on the counter and if it lasts longer (hahaha….), you can refrigerate the rest. Happy New Year!

  10. Ok I have a question. I think I did something wrong with the icing. Onceone the cake and cooled, the icing is grainy as if I used granulated sugar. However I used powdered sugar. What did I do wrong?

  11. Cake is delicious. Moist, fluffy and chocolaty. Easy to make, quick to bake. In an 18×12” pan, my cake was baked in 10 minutes. I didn’t make the frosting, used left cooked frosting. It was too sweet for me. I’ll use your icing recipe next round. Big cake!

  12. This is the same recipe my mom made when she and my dad were dating. My dad would eat the entire pan in one sitting. 😬
    I’ve made it a dozen or so times. It’s my husband’s absolute favorite recipe! When I need to find it again I just search for your blog because this is the best version! I tried another and it was weird and different.

  13. This sounds exactly like my mom’s recipe. We loved it when mom made it. The only difference is she’d use Peanuts instead of walnuts. It’s so yummy!! Thank you.

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