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Sprinkling Holiday Sweetness Giveaway — 122 Comments

  1. i like all sprinkles but of the ones you have shown I like the Christmas Morning sprinkles
    Thank you for this wonderful and sweet giveaway.

  2. I love all sprinkles… really doesn’t matter what kind they are… always very festive on cookies, and all shapes of cakes… Thank for the chance to win these fantastic sprinkles.

  3. Oooh, what pretty sprinkles! Still waiting for the weather to cool off here in Mississippi before I dust off the oven for the upcoming baking season. 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness love your sprinkles so colorful and pretty. All the colors are great for each holiday. I love everyone of them. I bake a lot but sprinkles are expensive so don’t use them as much as I would love to but, I have a few bottles that I do use. My grand daughters and I bake together a lot they absolutely love sprinkles of any color.

  5. All of these sprinkle mixes are so cute but my favorite is the Christmas morning mix! It would be so much fun to use when I bake cookies with my grandbabies!!

  6. I’m obsessed with sprinkles, and the Hocus Pocus movie and anything to do with Halloween!!! LOVE the Hocus Pocus mix!!

  7. I love them ALL! There are soooooo many ways to use these candies.
    My grand daughter loves to use them to bring out her sparkling personality when she creates!

  8. All the decorations are unique. I love them all but the Hocus Pocus is the most unique on and my grandkids would love it.

  9. LOVE the Christmas Morning Sprinkles! With 15 grandchildren I do a lot of baking, especially during the holiday season for their school parties. This would be so festive!!

  10. I like candy corn, so that one is probably my favorite. I am also partial to the Halloween mix, primarily because I am in that state of mind right now.

  11. I love the Let It Snow Sprinkles. Those blue and white colors says Christmas to me. I also love blue and white and silver bulbs and ornaments. Sprinkles add that little extra icing that makes everything you put those on look like a million.

  12. My favorite sprinkle mix is the Fall colors one! It seems I’m always looking for a Fall sprinkle blend like this and can never find it!

  13. These are all so adorable! Love the Let It Snow mix. It has already turned cold here and snowed, so ready for the baking season!

  14. I love seeing all your recipes, and I have enjoyed the start of videos and live chats especially when your granddaughter helps with a taste test!!

  15. I never saw the “Box” to enter to win the Sprinkles. I entered PCH Sweepstakes by mistake! That was the only thing I saw… 🙁

    • Hi Robin, I know it’s kind of hard to find especially if you’re on your phone. Look for the graphic that says to enter click the box below. You still have two days to enter!

  16. I love all the mixes but I would lean towards the snow mix because I live in Miami, FL and we do not get snow here. A girl can dream, LOL! We only have 2 seasons which consist of Really Hot and Not as Hot, LOL!

  17. Wow! That’s a terrible question to ask as I’m ooooing and ahhhing them as I scroll down the page. What a beautiful selection. I suppose my favorite is the Blue and White as the combination of those colors with just the touch of silver reminds me of a silent winter night with the stars above and new falling snow. Amazing when Sprinkles can speak to you. <3

  18. Love the Christmas sprinkled. I make gingerbread houses to donate to charity and these would be great on the trees.

  19. Such a great idea. Aren’t you the crafty one. So hard to choose because I love them all. Thanks for allowing us to participate in this. Good luck to all!

  20. These have to be the CUTEST sprinkles I’ve ever seen!! I absolutely love the Hocus Pocus and Let It Snow sprinkles! Thank you for this opportunity!!

  21. Let it snow is sooo pretty! And it is versatile. You can also use it for a Frozen themed party. I also love the Fall Colors.
    I don’t think I’ve seen these before! Thanks for these and all your ideas.

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