Baby Food Jar Shower Cupcakes — 8 Comments

    • I didn’t spray them. Remember you don’t have to try to get the cake out. Your guests will be using a fork. But you can if you want. I like to leave it dry so the cake has something to grip onto as it’s rising. 🙂

      • Thank you Sheryl for answering my question.I am making these tonight for a baby shower Saturday.I hope they come out as cute as yours.Thanks for the idea.

  1. Im making baby bottle labels to wrap around the jar and frosting the top to resemble a baby bottle! Thanks so much for such a clever baby shower cupcake!

  2. I really like the jars for cupcakes and so forth. In fact, I will be thinking very seriously about doing something like this for my son and DIL next year as things progress.

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