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25 Things To Buy At Dollar Tree BEFORE Your Disney Trip — 16 Comments

  1. Wonderful ideas. I always pick up a laundry bag and snacks before a Disney trip and if I had little ones I would definitely get the glow sticks. The fan is a great idea too.

    • And that’s your choice Diane. The snacks and hand sanitizer I buy are name brands and way before their expiration dates. If you’re worried then check the dates. That’s what I do. ♥

  2. Thank you for so many great ideas! I am gonna buy some Disney themed snacks/candy for the plane ride down. I think I will also do a little count down candy treat for my mom. You also gave me a great idea to get some cheap hats and decorate them Disney style for our upcoming trip.

    • That’s Awesome Colleen! I love Disneyland but the cost of snacks and souvenirs is outrageous! If there’s a way you can minimize that expense I’m all in! Have a WONDERFUL trip! ♥

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