Chocolate Pie Dough |When it comes to pie dough think outside the box.

Chocolate Pie Dough

Chocolate Pie Dough |  When it comes to pie dough think outside the box and make a dark chocolate pie crust.  Chocolate goes with so many flavors of pie.  Like pecan, pumpkin, cherry and strawberry.  You can also use this … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Lunch on a Stick - Lady Behind The Curtain

Lunch On A Stick

This is a sponsored post through BluePrint Social.  All opinions and photos are 100% mine. I love this Lunch on a Stick!  Everything tastes better on a stick (to me anyway).  There’s just something about food on a stick that … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Spicy Orange Shrimp Tacos - Lady Behind The Curtain

Spicy Orange Shrimp Tacos

My favorite dish as fast food oriental restaurants is orange chicken.  Deep fried and delicious!  But that is ONLY a treat.  I don’t like to eat too much fried food.  That’s why these Spicy Orange Shrimp Tacos are perfect!  Light … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Pumpkin Cheesecake - Lady Behind The Curtain

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Celebrate Fall with this heavenly Pumpkin Cheesecake.  This rich and creamy dessert combines the unique flavors of pumpkin, cream cheese and spices that is a divine treat.  Topped with Sugar Pecans and an homemade Easy Caramel Sauce brings this Pumpkin … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Cast Party Wednesday #151

YAY…..IT’S WEDNESDAY! …AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! THANK YOU FOR VISITING LADY BEHIND THE CURTAIN AND CAST PARTY WEDNESDAY! I can’t believe summer is almost over.  Some of the schools in Tucson are starting July 31!  That’s just crazy!  … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Frozen Heath Bar Cream Pie - Lady Behind The Curtain
Cinnamon Granola - Lady Behind The Curtain

Cinnamon Granola

Always keep a container of this Cinnamon Granola in your pantry.  Perfect for parfaits, on top of oatmeal or as a snack!  Add dried fruit for a little extra sweetness. Add peanut butter and honey and make breakfast bites of … [CLICK TO READ MORE]