Slow Cooker Simmering Spice Gift — 19 Comments

  1. I love the simmering spices idea!!! Can’t wait to try that out. I posted a link to it in a post I did today of Sunday Linky Parties I participated in.

  2. How far in advance do you dry out all the ingredients and how long will they last.? Planning on making for gifts and wondering how soon I can start working on them.

    • Hi April, I would think making the fruit potpourri 2 weeks in advance would be fine. I recommend storing it in an open container. The fruit will likely still have some moisture in it and you don’t want any mold growing in there. Wait until a few days before handing out these amazing gifts to pack it up.

      • Thanks, I actually read this on your blog after I posted my question (sorry). Is it ok to put cranberries in with everything else? I thought they may have too much moisture to go in a jar.

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