17 Ideas for a Witch-Themed Halloween Party +Giveaway!

17 Ideas for a Witch-Themed Halloween Party - Lady Behind The Curtain

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Have I got an amazing Halloween gift for you!  25 Bloggers came together and decided you needed a BIG wad of cash for this Halloween!  What do you think about that?  Pretty sweet huh?  Scroll down to enter and on your way down check out my list of 17-Ideas for a Witch-Themed Halloween Party.  I love working with a witch theme.  You can make your creations creepy, gross or cutesie.  Of course I usually go the gross or creepy route.  Just because it’s more fun to take something and make it gross.  Like cutting off the yellow end … Continue reading

Slimy Eye of Newt Jar + a GIVEAWAY!

Slimy Eye of Newt Jar - Lady Behind The Curtain 3 1

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU!  It’s my friend Sandra’s Blogaversary at A DASH OF SANITY and to celebrate she is giving away a KITCHEN AID PRO 450 SERIES 4.5 QUART BOWL LIFT STAND MIXER{red}!  So, scroll on down to enter and CELEBRATE with Sandra and some of her friends! This Slimy Eye of Newt Jar is another idea to add to a witch them Halloween party.  When I thought of making this jar, I thought of the retro spooky rooms I used to create as a kid.  You know when you would enter a dark room full of containers of everyday … Continue reading

Witch Way To The Treats Halloween Party

Witch Way To The Treats Halloween Party - Lady Behind The Curtain

I am so excited to bring you this Witch Way To The Treats Halloween Party Table! I think the first time I was a witch for Halloween was when I was in 4th or 5th grade.  Of course back then being a witch meant you wore a cape and a plastic mask with an elastic band.  No fancy makeup or hair. I’m pretty sure this is the mask!  Vintage 60′s There are so many fun elements to this table. You know I can’t design a party table without some sort of banner.  This time I made a simple banner using … Continue reading

Wicked Witch Finger Pretzels

Wicked Witch Finger Pretzels - Lady Behind The Curtain

  Whenever I look at these Wicked Witch Finger Pretzels it reminds of the wicked witch in Wizard of Oz.  “I’ll get you my pretty”…… in all her green glory.  Simple but quite affective for her time.  At least it was to me as a small child glued to the television watching the movie. To make these Wicked Witch Finger Pretzels appear creepy I added a thicker layer of the melted chocolate to just the top of the pretzel.  It made the fingers look like they had veins.  I also brushed cocoa on the fingernail and finger to make it … Continue reading

Witches Brew Jello

Witches Brew Jello - Lady Behind The Curtain

If you want to create a quick and easy kid friendly treat for Halloween then this Witches Brew Jello is perfect. Only THREE ingredients!  That’s right only three and that’s including the water! Serving this Witches Brew Jello at a Halloween party makes perfect sense.  Because it’s not only easy to make, it can be made days in advance and is VERY affordable. For a little more creepiness, add some cooked tapioca pearls to the jello.  They look gross but they don’t have any flavor and the texture is that of gummy candy.  Of course if you have some gummy … Continue reading

Best of the Weekend #74


THANK YOU FOR VISITING LADY BEHIND THE CURTAIN AND BEST OF THE WEEKEND! Don’t miss a thing from Lady Behind The Curtain.  Follow me on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram ,subscribe to my email OR StumbleUpon and never miss a post! Hi Everyone!  We had such a great party last week with so many awesome entries! I love Fridays because that’s when I get to see what you’ve been up to.  I’m so honored that you chose to come to BEST OF THE WEEKEND.   HERE ARE YOUR PARTY HOSTS: Claire from A Little Claireification, Deb from Cooking on … Continue reading