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30 Halloween Cupcakes

30 Halloween Cupcakes |  Cupcakes are the prefect party dessert.  They are easy to make and transport, fun to decorate for a class party, carnival and bake sale.  This round up has it all from creepy to cute.  Including Slime … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Black Widow Venom Halloween Punch | A wickedly delicious punch for kids! Everyone loves a good punch!
Spooky Halloween Globes | Upcycle your jelly jars, pickle jars and baby food jars with this fun and easy Halloween decoration or Halloween party favor!
Color Mist Candy Corn Pretzels | A simple treat that is perfect for a Halloween party.
Pumpkin Bread with Spicy Dark Chocolate Frosting | This addictive bread is like eating a delicious frosting pumpkin donut!
Sautéed Beer Mushrooms | A rich hearty side dish that is perfect on a burger, steak or on the side.