Toddler DIY Sensory Board | To make playtime more enjoyable cusomize a play board to suite your childs needs.

Toddler DIY Sensory Board

Toddler DIY Sensory Board |  When playing with everyday toys is a challenge for some children it’s a great idea to mount customized things to a board.  Some kids have a hard time staying focused and quickly grow tired of … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Easy Cinnamon Roll Dessert Cups | Create your own dessert cups with store bought cinnamon rolls. Serve your favorite desserts in a cup.
Mini Firecracker Cupcakes | Celebrate Memorial Day or the 4th of July with these fun easy to make cupcakes!

Mini Firecracker Cupcakes

Looking at these cupcakes makes me happy 🙂 Don’t they look like rockets shooting out at you? How can you not smile they are just so darn CUTE! And so simple. No SPECIAL recipe just good old boxed cake mix and store bought prepared frosting. Just layers of yummy cake and frosting. Kids AND adults will go crazy over not only the display but also the taste. This is a MUST have at you Memorial Day Picnic or your July 4th Celebration!

Lemon Thyme Shortbread Cookies | These unique cookies were perfect at my ladies luncheon!
Over 20 Strawberry Recipes | I have to confess that #18 is my absolute favorite. I make it every summer.

Over 20 Strawberry Recipes

Over 20 Strawberry Recipes |  Strawberry season is in full swing and that means fresh delicious recipes!  I don’t even know how to express how much I love the State Fair Chocolate Strawberry Waffle Pops or the Strawberry Shortcake Appetizer … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Mini Coconut Lime Bundt Cakes | I made these melt in your mouth cakes and they are by far my new favorite cake!
This Easy Beer Cheese Sauce is the Bomb! Perfect for dipping, drizzling over vegetables and sandwiches.

Easy Beer Cheese Sauce Recipe

Easy Beer Cheese Sauce Recipe | Dress up vegetables, sandwiches and burgers with this creamy easy to make cheese sauce.  Serve on game day and dip your pretzels! Way….better then the processed fake cheese.  If you’re serving little ones or … [CLICK TO READ MORE]