Messy Bun Hat with Adjustable Bow Crochet Pattern — 28 Comments

  1. I love the look of this hat and have made about 10 so far but what adjustments would you recommend for making one for a Toddler and for an average adult size head. I have tried to adjust the amount of stitches, hook size etc and they are always to big.

    Thank you

    • Hi Linda! For a smaller hat I would stop increasing at round 2 then you would have 42 stitches in each round after. For an adult, you could try going up a hook size for the increasing rounds and then switch back down to a 4.5 for the remaining rounds to tighten it back up. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • A good trick I learned to make sure you get the right size hat is to measure around the head making sure that the tape measure is around the forehead and parallel to the floor. Pretend you want a hat that’s 16 inches around. Divide 16 by 3.14. (Pi) = 5.09 Stop increasing your hat when you get to 5.09 inches. Then your hat will be 16 inches around when you finish! Voila!

  2. Ch. 20 and join with the first chain to make a ring

    Round 1: hdc 28 into chain, join to the top of the first stitch (28)

    is there a certain area you’re supposed to add the extra 8 stitches into round one? I apologize, I’m newer to crochet and want to make sure this turns out perfect!

  3. Have you tried using the elastic band like I’ve seen on other patterns? Do you think this will make a difference when putting the hair trough the bun hole?

    • I’ve seen that done, but I haven’t tried it. The hole in this hat is plenty big enough for a ponytail to stick through. But if you want it a bit tighter, then an elastic band would be a good idea because it will give some stretch.

  4. Beautiful hat! Instead of using the 20 chains I put in a hair elastic. First one I made I used a smaller elastic and followed the pattern exactly. It ended up being 8.5 inches across the base and fit my two year old. I am using a larger elastic now and upped the needle to 5mm to start then switched to 4.5mm once I finish the increase part. So far it seems to be working better for size 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to make this hat for my niece! Like literally can’t wait…! I only have a 4mm and 5mm hook and it’s for my niece who is 10, but a pipsqueek. Do you think I’d be ok using the 4mm hook?

    Thank you!!!

  6. I used a 4 mm hook (size G) and the final measurements were 4” tall by 6.5” wide at base. It was barely big enough for my two year old. I then redid with a 5.5 mm (size I) and final measurements were 5 1/4” tall by 8” at base. Any thoughts? It looks just like the picture only significantly smaller.

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