Microwave Peanut Brittle — 27 Comments

  1. Just made this and it was easy! And from what I can taste with the few nibbles off the spoon…it is just like the kind we make with the candy thermometer! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just made this recipe. I used roasted peanuts. Wow … have been struggling to perfect a brittle for some time till I found this recipe. It was set in record time and am really happy for that! My first try!

  3. Made this many times. Looking for a way to double the recipe and have heard it doesn’t work. In fact, on a couple of occasions this basic recipe yielded a toffee consistency (because it didn’t get hot enough). I make with sunflower and pepita seeds. Astro loves you.

    • Thanks! It was a game changer when I found out I could make this delicious candy in the microwave! It’s my dad’s favorite. I love taking him a big bag of it when I go to visit him. I take him a double recipe but I make the recipe twice. I don’t think the mixture would get hot enough to reach a hard crack stage with a double batch in one container.

  4. Peanut Brittle is my signature Christmas candy. All my Brittle loving friends & relatives expect it. After years of slaving over a pot waiting for a thread to spin I started using this microwave method. You can’t tell the difference. Every microwave cooks differently so watch the first two nukes very closely. 4 minutes is too long in my microwave but 3 1/2 minutes is perfect. Even with washing the measuring cup during batches I can make 3 batches in less time than it took me to make one on the range.

  5. I’ve been making brittle in the microwave for years, but somehow misplaced my recipe. Yours is exactly the same.. except a pinch of salt.
    I bought WAAAY to many peanuts before the holidays, so I’m still whipping up batches. Think I’ll try sprinkling a little kosher salt on one… and melt chocolate chips over another. Mmmmmm!!! #brittlefordays

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