Pebble Beanie Crochet Pattern — 33 Comments

  1. When making the band I measured it around my head. I started making it and I’m about 9 rows high and I’m noticing that my rows keep getting shorter. The weird thing is, even the band doesnt fit around my head anymore. So much so that it’s more toddler size. I think my issue may be with the crochet rows. I’m having a hard time figuring out where to insert hook around the pebble stitch. Any advice??? I’m an intermediate crocheter, this has me stumped with how much it actually shrunk.

  2. The direction given were easy to follow. I’m am anticipating for the finished product. I know I will enjoy this hat. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  3. I’m currently working on this and have a bit of an issue. The pebble stitch keeps ending up looking kind of loose (meaning that the bottom stands of yarn are almost dangling down, away from the stitch), but I can’t seem to make the stitch tighter without getting the yarn tangled as I pull the yarn back through the 7 loops. Any tips to make a nice looking puff stitch without it getting caught? Using the same brand/type yarn.

  4. The band is not looking very long at 9.5 in. So I’m wondering who the hat is suppose to fit as it doesn’t say. Is this an adult size pattern or a child size please?

  5. Hi I completed the adult size of this hat and it was easy to follow the pattern. How many rows would you do if making for a toddler (2-3 yrs) and a 9-12 month old please?

    • Hi! I’m not 100% certain but my guess would be to make the brim about 11″ for a toddler and 10″ for a 12 mo old. Again, this is my approximation. Then the height should be about 8″

  6. OMG.. Just finished my first of what will be many of my new favorite pattern! Thank you so much for posting the written pattern.. Love It!!

  7. What does the back seam look like when the two sides are stitched together? On mine, it almost looks like I missed a puff stitch on the rows that start and end with two single crochets.

  8. Good Morning! I just finished making the band of this hat and am moving onto the second part.

    I am confused – please tell me if I am correct in my interpretation of your instructions – I am to do the band, then go across the side of the band for two rows and then continue using the Rows 1 through 5 instructions until I reach 29 rows total or are the 1st two rows included in the 29 rows?

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