Elderberry Syrup — 12 Comments

  1. I started making this about a year ago, and it has been awesome! My husband had several coworkers get the flu, and he wasn’t feeling so great himself, so he came home and took some, and managed to skip the sickness everyone else was getting!

  2. Hello, I have some questions,
    I am luck and live in the country and have elderberry trees,
    I have picked a bucket full, cleaned them, and getting ready to can the juice, my question is do I can it with or with out sugar?
    From what I have read if you use honey as a sweetener, you lose the benefit honey if it is heated and canned, can I can just the plain elderberry juice, then reheat it to add honey or whatever to sweetener , or your recipe?

    • Hi Judi, That’s awesome you have an elderberry tree! I would can just the juice and when you’re ready to make some syrup, then add the other ingredients.

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