Finding Dory Ocean In A Bottle Party Favor — 6 Comments

    • Hi Martha, I did and they just dropped to the bottom and laid on their sides. I was bummed I thought it would be cool to have fish in the bottles.

  1. Hi Sheryl!
    Loving this idea! Couple quick questions –
    1. Am I filling the rest of the bottle up with the baby oil, or leaving a gap? (None of your photos show it standing up straight, but it looks full from the video.)
    2. Out of curiosity, did you try other colors and do they look as cool?

    Please let me know! Thank you!

  2. Hi Sheryl!
    Let me just congratulate you for these amazing ideas! I absolutely love the Finding Nemo and Dory movies and my kids love water so this idea is perfect for them. You are one great grandma! Thank you for sharing your talent.

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