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Pineapple Cupcakes — 16 Comments

  1. These sound amazing – I just know my girls will go ga-ga for them! Found you through Mandatory Mooch’s 5/1 linky party – thanks so much for sharing!

    ~Sherry from

  2. just put them in the oven so excited to try! i switched the pineapple to mango because we bought a lot of mango for a desert which did not work out so we had so much leftover great use of extra mango/pineapple!

  3. sheryl, this is called a pineapple upside down (cup)cake. not original, didn’t inspire me. my family makes this all the time. all u did was put it in a cupcake shape. but nice try 🙂 maybe next time <3

    • Well Hello Inspire Me Next Time, Actually this is not a pineapple upside down cake. There is no brown sugar syrup bottom. The cherry at the bottom is a nice little surprise. Sorry you weren’t inspired but this is a good recipe. Next time if you don’t like a recipe maybe you could just move on instead of leaving an empty negative comment.

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