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    • It’s a total guess on my part. This apple butter is not processed in a water bath so I’m guessing it won’t last as long as store bought. It could last longer. 🙂


  2. We grew up making and eating Peach Butter by the gallons! I thought there wasn’t anything that compared to it until the day I had Apple Butter. Wow, these are definitely my most favorite butters. I was also noticing that fabulous sky high biscuit modeling next to your Apple Butter….I’d love to have that recipe too, if you got it. 😉

    • Hi Janeta, Unless you have a very large slow cooker I don’t think a double batch will fit. If you do have a large slow cooker then the cooking time should be the same but if you’re trying to crowd more apples into the same size slow cooker I used then yes you will need to adjust the cooking time. 🙂

    • Hi Emily, What kind of apples did you use? Maybe your apples weren’t as juicy as mine. If you make this recipe again, I would recommend checking the consistency throughout the cooking process and if you notice it getting too thick add a little water or apple juice to the mixture.

  3. Perfect! Absolutely delicious. I used Gala, Jonathan and Golden Delicious. I used
    3/4 cup Apple cider (NOT Apple cider vinegar) instead of water. This definitely is a keeper!!! Thank you!

  4. I’m making your stack cake & using this applebutter filling. I’d like to make 2 cakes total. Do I need to double the applebutter recipe?

    • Hi Melissa, The recipe for the stack cake says that you’ll need to double the slow cooker apple butter recipe to make one cake so….you’ll need to 4 times the recipe! YUM….your house is going to smell so good! 🙂

  5. I am going to try this recipe this week for a very close friend of mine my grandmother made it when I was a little girl so wish me good luck I’ll let you know how it works out thank you

  6. I have done 46 pints of apple butter so no i am going to try to make your cake recipe i have been wanting to make one for a while now i Hope it turns out right thank you

  7. I love your recipes. The Apple Stack Cake was right on point, so good. Growing up in Harlan Ky, i know these recipes. I lost mine, thanks for posting. My mama would be proud, that i can still make her favorite cake, thanks to you. Now i have the rest of the ingredients that i couldn’t remember.

  8. Do you know about a recipe for cranberry jelly (no seeds), cream cheese, orange peels and Graham Cracker crumbs? Its an old recipe. It is a layered dish. Maybe coolwhip and some nuts to top. I ate it 17yrs ago. My aunt that had past, made it in the 70’s i was told. Not sure the name or if there’s more ingredients. Do you know this recipe? Eastern Ky is where that i ate is dessert.

    • Hi Stephanie, I just did a search on Google for layered cranberry salad with cream cheese and a lot of recipes came up. Maybe you can find it there. Sounds really good!

  9. I grew up in Pike County, Ky. My family always have made apple butter and stack cakes! The only thing my mother, grandma, and Great grandma did different with their Apple butter was add cinnamon oil and regular cinnamon. The oil gives the apple butter a deeper flavor. Everyone loves our apple butter, but I have never seen this in any other recipe!

  10. Currently making right now. The house smells amazing. I realized reading your recipe that the juice is actually apple cider, so that’s what I’m doing with the left over juice!

  11. Hi Sheryl,
    Making your apple butter today. Making the cake/cookies tomorrow. You said to put the warm apple butter between the cakes. Can it be cold or should I heat it the apple butter before?
    My dad told me his “granny” always made it when he was a child in Kentucky. So I’m surprising him with it at Sunday dinner.
    Thank you!

    • Awww…..THAT’S AMAZING COLLEEN! I don’t think the butter has to be warm. It’s more to help with the spread-ability of the butter but I think it’s fine to use cold.

  12. I made this recipe in my crock pot, it cooked 11 and half hrs overnight. When blended the next morning it was delicious! But a little too sweet for my liking so I’ll reduce the sugar to 2 and half cups next time I make it. So happy to have this easy recipe ! Thank you.

  13. This tastes great, good spice mix. Wondering is anyone has ever taken leftover juice and cooked more apples for a second batch… I’m using windfall apples that need to be trimmed but I started with about 3.5 pounds so I think my measurements were close. I also didn’t peel, my blender is 3 horse so ground up into smooth purée. Also wondering if I could use less water but I suppose that depends on type of apple. Thanks for all feedback, made this specifically for cake but will redo for biscuits.

  14. My family loves the cake, and the apples are a great hit 😋 I will be putting this recipe into my great-granddaughter’s cook books I am making for them.

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