Sweet Pie Dough — 23 Comments

  1. Hello, i’m from Holland but i can’t find what the 1/3 cup shortening is. Is there an other name for it? Or can you tell me what purpose it has?

    • Hi Lotte, The product is called vegetable shortening. It is a fat that will stay solid at room temperature. The purpose for the shortening in this recipe is to keep the dough from being elastic and make the pastry crumbly.

  2. Years ago my Grandmother made sweet dough pies in various forms and sizes. The one I best remember was a syrup filling that I have yet to find anywhere. This was not a syrup cake but a pie with dark filling made from cane syrup and other unknown ingredients. After baking the filling did not flow out after the initial bite but was soft but firm.

    Anyone have information on the subject?

  3. I’m making mini fruit tarts with pastry cream. Do I need to grease the tart shells so my crusts will release easily? I dont want to leave them in the metal tins

  4. I used this recipe to make peach hand pies! It was delicious…that perfect, flaky pie crust with a sweet hint that really complimented the fresh peach pie filling I made!

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