Calming Find It Game — 57 Comments

  1. What a great idea, I’m a hairstylist. I have a few small clients with autism this is just what I need. I sometimes have a hard time finding something quickly to distract them with when they start to melt down. This is small enough I can keep it at my station for ready access.

  2. Might be a stupid question but how do you play the game do they open the bottle and let the rice out or do they try to find them in the bottle.

    • Hi Rachelle, They look for items in the bottle. You can make cards for them to draw or just say….look for a…….(example: green star).

  3. Hello Sheryl,
    I made five sensory bottles with different objects for my preschoolers in my childcare/preschool program. Thank you for sharing!?

  4. I made five of these over the weekend for my 2/12 year old group. Placed a different theme in each. I introduced them to the chn at group time. They didn’t return to the shelf until the end of the day. They were a great hit. Lovely calm room with engaged chn thanks. Suzanne

  5. This is AMAZING!! I am one of those people that save TONS of little things, buttons, beads, springs from ball point pens, little bits of chain, nails, thumbtacks, plastic clip hooks, safety pins, shoe laces, oh my, the list is ENDLESS! Also, my Dad was the same and he just moved to Heaven in December so I have (literally, haha) tons of objects from his house. I also employ two wonderful ladies that both have autistic and sensory issue kids! I cannot WAIT to make some of these for the little ones and make a bunch to donate to their school! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  6. Sheryl,this is a wonderful idea that I am going to use with the one year old toddlers I work with in a childcare centre in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Thanks to you and all the other people with creative ideas on Pinterest.

  7. You are about to literally save my life! I’m about to go on a about two week road trip with my LARGE family (four other kids) and will be using this for the hyperactive little ones!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Hi Urvashi, This is for younger kids (mostly with disabilities) that need something to help with anger or keep them occupied during something. That could be as simple as a haircut or a car ride. So I would highly recommend gluing the lid on.

  8. Terrific project! I want to make a couple with similar items like tiny dinosaurs or cars but am having trouble finding them. Does anyone have any suggestions? TU.

  9. Fantastic idea… thankyou . I will raid my granny’s button tin, there are other little treasures in it as well as buttons. This will be a delight for my beautiful granddaughters as well as keeping granny’s memory alive. I used to work with children who needed behaviour intervention and this would have definitely stopped melt-downs. ⭐️⭐️

  10. I love this idea. I planning to make them for my grandkids. I take care a 4 year old boy and a 10 months girl. And sometimes I find it hard to do things with them because of the age difference that both will enjoy. This is amazing idea thanks for sharing.

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