Mini Cheesecakes — 27 Comments

  1. Those turned out perfectly! I am always afraid that they will fall apart when I try to take them out of the pan or wrapper. I could eat a whole tray full of your little beauties:-)

  2. I made these for my husband’s company – came out great! Crust was perfect! There is a typo on the filling though, you have “2/3 cup tablespoons sugar”. Thank you for the recipe!

    • Hi Wendy, You can make them a couple of days in advance. The wrappers will come away from the cheesecakes but other then that they are still just as delicious! 🙂

  3. I tried this recipe out and it came out better than I expected. I had never tried baking cheese cake so I was a bit scared. I even substituted the sour cream for Greek yogurt when I ran out. I will definitely try this recipe again!!

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