Rocky Road Pie — 18 Comments

  1. d r o o l…this looks thoroughly amazing…so happy you chose to share the recipe at fridays unfolded and i do hope you’ll be back next week for the summer block party!

    stuff and nonsense

  2. just a note to tell you that i am featuring this yummy dessert this week on fridays unfolded…made it for father’s day and it was a hit!

    stuff and nonsense

  3. Hi there,
    I would love to feature your Rocky Road Pie recipe on our website. Would you be interested in working with us? We have a deadline for this coming up so please let me know at your earliest convenience!

  4. I lost this recipe forty years ago. I was so excited finding this recipe on your site. I felt like I was given a million dollars. Thank you, thank you Yolanda. I have been baking for over sixty years. Cooking is my oxygen.

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