Copycat Panera Orange Scone Recipe — 7 Comments

    • Hi, Yes you can make these scones in advance. I like to freeze them before they’re baked. Place the triangle shapes on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze. Put into freezer safe bags. When ready to bake place the frozen scones on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake.

      • Ya sorry I’m a dummy, just noticed it says “You can make these scones weeks in advance by freezing them!” At the top of the page, duh! Thank you for responding anyway 🙂

  1. This recipe looks great! My family loves the orange scones from Panera too but it can get expensive. Can’t wait to try it. Only I don’t have a food processor. Is there any way to make them without one? Thanks!

    • Sure Adalie! You can use a pastry blender or just a knife and fork. Whatever tool you use to make pie dough you can use to make scone dough.

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