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    • Hi, Yes you can make these scones in advance. I like to freeze them before they’re baked. Place the triangle shapes on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze. Put into freezer safe bags. When ready to bake place the frozen scones on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake.

      • Ya sorry I’m a dummy, just noticed it says “You can make these scones weeks in advance by freezing them!” At the top of the page, duh! Thank you for responding anyway 🙂

  1. This recipe looks great! My family loves the orange scones from Panera too but it can get expensive. Can’t wait to try it. Only I don’t have a food processor. Is there any way to make them without one? Thanks!

    • Sure Adalie! You can use a pastry blender or just a knife and fork. Whatever tool you use to make pie dough you can use to make scone dough.

  2. These turned out beautifully and so delicious!!! Thank you! My oven runs a little hot, so my scones were ready at 12 minutes. Thanks again!

  3. Hello, I made the scones and they were great. The only difference was that my glaze didn’t harden like the one’s from PB. It was more like frosting. Is there a way to make that delicious, crispy, glaze. That was the only discrepancy.

    • Hi Emily, Maybe when making the glaze you added too much sugar. To correct, add more orange juice until the glaze becomes the correct consistency. ♥

    • Hi Frank, I put the glaze on when they were cooled. If you want the scones to adsorb more of the glaze flavor you can add some when they’re hot and a little more when they have cooled down.

  4. These scone’s are wonderful I couldn’t stop getting another and another. You did a great job on this receipe because they taste just like I have gotten at panera store . Thank you

  5. These were amazing! I didn’t want to drag out my food processor so I chilled the butter and cream cheese in the freezer and then grated them on the largest hole of a box grater. Worked perfectly! I shared some with my sister, whose reply was “I died”. Great recipe!

  6. Hi Sheryl. Just whipped these guys up this morning and can’t wait to taste them (Wednesday mornings are my traditional Panera scone run day). Panera just raised their price and are making the scones smaller. Your recipe makes what look like perfect scones. I guessed at the height before putting into the oven, but I tried 1/2 to 3/4 inch and they seemed to be just right. Thank you for this Christmas blessing.

  7. Hi, I was gifted a scone pan for Christmas and would love to use this recipe. How would I measure an amount for the scone slots? Do I push them down and make the top flat? Thanks

    • Hi Theresa, I would go ahead and form the scone dough into a round (the size of your pan) Measuring a scone cavity. Example: If one scone is 3 1/2 inch from base to tip then you would double that measurement to make your round 7 inches. Cut into triangles, place them in the scone pan cavities, press them a little to make them fit and bake.

  8. So delicious!

    I used heart shaped cookie cutter and blood orange juice instead of regular. It made the glaze pink and perfect for Valentine’s brunch!

  9. I don’t usually post reviews but these are really good. I turned mine into minis but still ate two. Thank you for saving me some panera trips!

  10. I made these for my husband. They turned out fabulous! They’re delicious and beautiful. The icing is superb. Will make again. 5 stars!

    • Hi Ginny, You can use orange juice, but since it’s only a teaspoon it’s really not going to make that much of a difference in flavor. Adding a teaspoon of orange flavoring really drives home the orange flavor. Maybe you could add an additional teaspoon of orange zest.

  11. Thank you! I like just about everything at Panera, and these scones are one of my favorites. Can’t wait to try this recipe when I have company… I don’t dare make for myself, as I would eat all of them!

  12. I am excited to try these! Was just at Panera’s the other day and their scones arevwayyy pricey! I am not a huge fan of creamed cheese is there a substitute? Cream maybe? Thanks!

  13. What kind of orange extract do you use? I have Nielsen Massey’s orange extract and it gives everything a super weird flavor. A whole tsp ruined my last attempt ?

  14. I just made these so I can freeze and bake them for brunch on Christmas morning. At the last minute, I decided to bake a couple for me and my husband to sample and OMG! The are so absolutely delicious, they melt in your mouth! I immediately made a second batch because I know they will be such a big hit with my family plus I don’t know if me and my husband will be able to hold off until Christmas. My husband is the big fan of the orange scones from Panera and he said they are so much better than Panera. The recipe is so easy to follow and the ingredients are usually what one would have in their pantry so it will be easy to whip up a batch the next time my husband gets an hankering for his orange scones. I must admit that I did use cake flour as someone suggested in the comments but I really don’t think using regular flour would change my opinion of this recipe. Well done on developing this recipe and thank you in advance for making me look so good at this year’s family Christmas brunch!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  15. Wow! These are so good! I used to eat PB’s orange scones all the time when I was in college and I started craving one the other day. I don’t have a food processor anymore, so I tried my blender. That was a fail! So, I just used my hands. The dough was a little sticky, so I kneaded it a little with some flour before shaping it into the two discs. They turned out so good! Thank you for this great recipe!

    • Hi Kate, You don’t have to use a food processor. Cut the butter into the dry ingredients using a dough cutter or a knife and fork. Or whatever method you use when making pie dough.

  16. Love this recipe! I’ve made them several times. Perfect scone consistency. I just tried them in my new convection oven. They were done in a shorter time. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Jennie, I love baking in a convection oven. We have two of them in our church kitchen. I’m so glad you love the recipe!♥

  17. We love the taste of these scones; however, mine turned out a little dry. Should I cook them less time or add more cream cheese or butter? I followed the recipe to the letter. Thanks!

  18. Hi Sheryl,

    I absolutely love copycat recipes! I have a few from Panera, but I haven’t come across these scones until now. They will make the perfect treats to whip up this weekend. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  19. Feeling maudlin’ and missing Saturday Morning Panera with my best friend up in Jacksonville. So I made these scones. They were A-MAY-ZING! Even the kids, who are not huge scones fans, made quick work of them. This one is going in my Keepers Recipe Folder.

  20. Made these tonight after watching a bunch of Great British Baking Competition episodes. I used a natural orange extract and zested 2 oranges for the glaze. My husband gave my the Paul Hollywood handshake after tasting them.

  21. Just made these to take on our weekend get-a-way. They are in the freezer now, any suggestions on how long to bake them from a frozen state? Thanks!

    • Hi Helen, I’m not gluten free and have never worked with gluten free flour. I would recommend doing some google research before diving into the recipe.

  22. Any suggestions on adding raisins to this batter? Should I soak/soften them first? My English friend is craving orange raisin scones.

    • Hi Claudia, Store glazed scones in an airtight container. To protect the glaze either store them in a single layer or add a piece of parchment paper between layers.

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