Easy S’more Cupcake Recipe — 20 Comments

  1. What method did you use to put the icing on in the pictures? It doesn’t look piped because there are no “stripes”. Does it settle that nicely?

  2. Hi! Excited to make these for my sister in laws baby shower next weekend. Question: approx how much graham cracker mix should go in the bottom of each cupcake liner? Thanks!!

  3. When you write butter, do you mean salted butter? I see for the cakes you write unsalted but then for frostings you only write butter. Just want to clarify. Thanks!

      • Thanks! I ended up using salted butter for the frosting. I substituted the cake box mix with your devils food cake recipe. The combination of the Graham cracker, devils food cake, and marshmallow frosting is delicious!! Everyone at the party loved them. 🙂 you are my go to for cupcake recipes.

  4. Do you spray the liners with non stick spray (is it meant for the bottom part so the graham doesn’t stick/crumble?) Or it’s either the liners or the spray? Thank you,

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