Alcohol Free-Fish Bowl Punch — 9 Comments

  1. I LOVE THIS! How fun! Little swimming fishies!! 🙂 This idea is super cute.

    But why wouldn’t you just add the food coloring to the 7-up? Step 1 – 5 seem excessive.

    • Hi Lisa, If you leave the 7-up in the bottle how are you going to mix it properly and see the correct color you are changing it into? 7-Up comes in a green bottle.

  2. Hi! Adorable! How long does it last this pretty? When do the nerds start losing color and things start to shift? Also, would this work with a blue juice? Thanks!!!

    • Hi Dee, The only issue with using blue juice or store bought punch is that it isn’t as clear as the colored 7-up. As far as your other two questions I don’t know the answer. All I can say is make it right before the guests arrive and you should be fine. As soon as you start scooping out the punch things will shift.

  3. Another tip would be to buy ice cube trays and fill them up with colored 7 up, freeze them and use that instead of plain ice in the fish bowl,that way as it melts it won’t taste like watered down pop.

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