Grandmas Pecan Pie Filling — 16 Comments

  1. Says not for filling pies…but, what about as filling in small hand pies ?
    They don’t bake as long as a pie, so am thinking I can….but…have you tried making hand pies with this?

  2. Wondering if I could substitute the white sugar with diet sugar that is a 1 to 1 measure to cut don’t on sugar for diabetics.
    Also can light brown sugar work in a pinch?

    • Hi Tracie, That sounds delicious! I would be a little afraid of the pecan pie filling burning. I would recommend baking the cinnamon rolls and spooning the pecan pie filling over the hot rolls. Kind of like sticky buns.

    • Hi Camryn, I haven’t tried it. I would have to say yes since you can freeze a pecan pie. Let the filling cool completely and store in an airtight container.

  3. Grandma was Right! This was so easy and of course so delicious. And I love the idea you made this not needing to bake a pie. Never thought of keeping as topping. I make a lot of homemade ice cream as well as small phyllo tart shells….so this recipe is perfect to have on hand at all times. Only change….I didn’t put vanilla in until I took it off the stove. And…not needed….but two tab of good bourbon????? Wow. Love it so much….not sure I can give any away!!!! Thank You and love your site!!!!

    • Hi Bertha, My only concern would be how long you would need to boil the water in order for the lids to seal. I’m not sure if the filling could handle the processing time without the sugar becoming hard like brittle. On the other hand I’ve never tried it. This is just a guess.

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