Homemade Apple Pie Filling — 11 Comments

    • Hi Robert, If you click on the print button provided in the recipe card a new screen should pop up with a print option. I just tried it in Chrome and FireFox and it worked in both.

  1. I need 240 mini – 4″- 4.5″ apple pies love this mason jar lid idea but just trying to figure out if this is possible for me to make…..would you say 3 apples per lid??

    • Hi Tracy, While this is apple pie filling it is meant to be used as a topping, in yogurt or other no bake treats. Since the apples are already cooked I wouldn’t use it for a pie.

      • Man! I literally just saw your comment about this not being intended for pie. I already made these and was going to bake a pie today with them.

  2. I’m going to try doing what my mom used to do. Freeze the apples into a pie plate lined with plastic wrap. When frozen take out and wrap apples in more plastic and save to make pies when ready to bake one. Honestly I haven’t tried it but she never said it didn’t work lol. Hopefully it will work or have you tried this and it did?

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