Overnight Refrigerator Rolls — 56 Comments

  1. after you make the balls of dough you can also freeze them on the pan and then place them in zip lock bags. When you are just needing a few at a time. take out put on your pan of choice and then let it defrost and rise then bake as usual. My mom does this all the time sense it is just her at home now and sometimes she wants a few fresh rolls for dinner or for a few of her and her friends and does not want a whole pan.

  2. Years ago I found a recipe similar to this. The recipe stated you could keep this recipe in the fridge up to a week and tear off a little at a time and bake. I haven’t been able to find it for years. I hope this is it..

  3. In the past, l used a favorite Betty Crocker recipe, but it wasn’t working very well for me, the last few years. So this Thanksgiving, one of my granddaughters made the “old” recipe and the “new” recipe. The clear winner was Sheryl’s Overnight Refrigerator Rolls. I made a batch of dough tonight and can’t wait to make cloverleaf rolls tomorrow night!

  4. Dear Lady Behind th Curtain,

    Come on out from behind that curtain. Best recipe I have ever used. I make bread overnight! Yeah. Love the taste too! This is easy and good. Thank you.

  5. Made these with 2 cups white whole wheat flour & 2 cups AP on dough cycle in bread machine, an egg white wash so that “everything bagel” topping would stick, and everyone at my dinner party LOVED them. It required a longer second rise though.

  6. Once I put the rolls in the pan, how long can I wait to bake? I want to prepare before dinner as early as possible so I can cook my other food for Thanksgiving?

  7. Sheryl, Uncle Marcus is going to make these for Thanksgiving but when he looked at how to freeze he was confused because it says something about #9 and #10.

    Aunt Vernie

    • Hi Verna Mae, I revised the recipe to make it easier to understand. The freezer section is only if the rolls are going to be made in advance.

  8. I have made these rolls for years. Most often I would make cinnamon rolls and take them to work to share with coworkers. They went very quickly and everyone really liked them. This is such a good recipe because it can be made in the evening when you have more time.

    • Hi Judy, Probably? Maybe your yeast was old. I would still form the dough into balls and go through the process just incase they do rise the second time.

  9. This looks great and I read all of the comments. I plan to make these for our Easter dinner next week. I have a packet of active dry yeast and read that you can use it interchangeably with instant yeast (just add about 15 more min. to the rise time). Do you agree or should I definitely use instant? Thanks!

    • Hi Lorie, I would add the water to the mixing bowl as the recipe states with the yeast and a pinch of sugar. Leave it to proof for 10-15 minutes (It should have bubbles on top). Once the yeast has proofed, continue with the recipe.

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