Snickerdoodle Cake Mix Cookie Recipe — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you for all of these recipes. I have used a cake mix cookie recipe for years but the difference here is all the different kinds you made. Thanks so much and I’m anxious to see more!! Thank you again so much from Florida.

  2. HI
    Thanks for allowing me come into your group..
    I have been making Snickerdoodles for a while now, I make them for the grownups,,,at church during Vacation Bible School…it is so easy and quick…so good…and I also love making them for my two great grandsons..they are ages 6 and 4.. I love cooking and baking…thank you again…

  3. I am wondering if it would okay to add a little cream of tartar to this recipe? I know most snickerdoodle recipes call for a little. Thanks.

  4. I am doing some Christmas baking today for the food bank volunteers. I am going to try these to add to the platter. I would like to top each with a pecan before baking. Should I coat the pecan in egg white then roll in sugar mixture first?

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