Semi Homemade Mexican Corn Chowder | An explosion of flavors and super easy to make!
Mexican Meatball Soup | Warm up with this delicious soup full of flavorful and satisfying ingredients.
Chile Corn Casserole | A creamy delicious side dish perfect for your holiday table. With a mixture of corn, roasted pasilla and red peppers the flavors can not be beat!
A healthier version to the restaurant favorite. NO FAT added just lots of flavor!
A tender bread, served hot with a wonderful citrus kick.
Better than restaurant rice. Simple and tasty.
Light Tomatillo Chicken Casserole - Lady Behind The Curtain

Light Tomatillo Chicken Casserole

Are you trying to watch what you eat (calories)?  I speak from experience that it’s hard to eat my favorite Mexican food and stay within my calorie count.  That’s why I created this Light Tomatillo Chicken Casserole. I made this … [CLICK TO READ MORE]