Copycat Disneyland Tigger Tails — 10 Comments

  1. How much orange sanding sugar was needed for these? I’m having a hard d one figuring out how much will cover them!

    • Hi Melissa, I’m sorry I don’t the exact amount. I buy my sprinkles in bulk 12 ounces at a time. The bakery store I purchase my sanding sugar from doesn’t have it available on their website. Here is another place, I love their sprinkles. I have ordered from them several times. Click here for the sugar—->>>> Orange Sanding Sugar Bulk

  2. How long are these good for after you make them?? Without getting hard and stale. Still be fresh, soft and good.?

    • Hi Maryana, If you cover the marshmallows completely in the melted candy they should stay fresh for a least a week.

        • Hi Margie, If the Tigger Tails are completely coated with the melted candy they are fine being stored in a cool location. They shouldn’t be covered and definitely not refrigerated. ♥

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