How To Decorate Sugar Cookies With Candy Melts — 12 Comments

  1. I love decorating cookies with candy melts, because like you I just don’t have the practice with royal icing and find using the candy so much easier. Plus the cookies taste great. I love how you decorated the pineapples. 🙂

  2. when using candy melts on cookies can i bag the cookies once done? this is for a party favor. i worry that they will smudge on the bag.. am i better off with royal icing?

    • Hi CT, Since candy melts aren’t technically chocolate they should never be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. When I use candy melts I put them in the refrigerator for only a short time just to get back to their hardened state and then store them at room temperature.

  3. About how many bags of candy melts do I need per dozen large cutout cookies? I make 7 dozen cutout Fleur dis Lis cookies for everyone on our Mardi Gras float each year. Yes, I live in New Orleans!
    Thank you.

    • Hi Mardi, Honestly….I just don’t know. It all depends on the size of your cookies. I would start out with a bag per dozen. If your cookies aren’t too large that should be enough. Michaels has their candy melts on sale this week so now’s a good time to stock up!

  4. My candy melt is too thick. I followed the instructions on the bag. More time and less time. I also tried adding cisco to thin. Also, mine sets up super fast. What is up with that?

    • Hi Penny, I’ve noticed that some colors melt thicker then others. Why, I don’t know. To correct it I use a little more shortening. Also, is it cold where you live? A cold kitchen can contribute to your candy becoming hard faster then you want. I would recommend melting your candy in a wide bowl and then adding the bowl to a heating element (like an electric pan) with a couple inches of hot water, turned on high enough to keep the water hot. I hope this helps.

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