How to Color Rice — 22 Comments

  1. Thank you for this wonderful information. I had no clue and now holidays
    will be more awesome knowing this trick.
    Thank you for sharing!!

    • Once you start Linda you’ll be coloring rice for every occasion. I just made a fresh batch tonight for my pool party!

  2. I just want to commend you on answering these questions. I sense no sarcasm whatsoever from your responses as you repeated yourself multiple times. Your instructions are pretty clear. So kudos to you Sheryl & thank you for this great hack! ❤

  3. DO you have any suggestions for a food safe option? I wanted to put unwrapped pretzel rods in it but an concerned about the alcohol.

  4. Hey there! I have made the rice before but am having trouble with it staining the kids hands or the objects I put in the bins. Any suggestions?

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