Oatmeal Trash Cookies — 18 Comments

  1. I’ve made cookies along these lines before…called Compost Cookies. Gotta love clearing out those little dribbles of odds and ends from bags. Love that you were able to throw in the kitchen sink in these 🙂

  2. I made these tonight! My four year old insisted we didn’t NEED to put pretzels in it (translation: SHE didn’t want PRETZELS in HER cookies) so we used macadamia nuts instead. I can’t WAIT for the oven to finish baking them! They look fantastic!

  3. yummy!!! I’ve seen versions of these with names that shall not be mentioned on your family friendly blog :o) Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays! you are a faithful linker! love it! Really appreciate you stopping by my blog! I’m trying to keep in better touch with my linkers/readers… If you already follow me, please let me know I will find your blog on Bloglovin (I’m transferring my follows there)if you don’t follow in any way, would you consider following via GFC or other method?

  4. I just made these first pan is in oven but before I started to bake them I realized the dough was to crumbley , so rechecked the recipe and sure enoug I only used 1 and 1/2 cube of butter sooo melted the cube I forgot and poured in the dough mixed it in by hand and got a better cookie dough . It tasted great so Im sure it will be just tasty . Lol sometimes missing an ingredient happens lol, I used my medium ice cream scoop as my large is jumbo size , What can I say we love cream and cookies I used trail mix that had all the ingredients you called for and them few more also used quick cooking oats and used 2 1/4 . I do this all the time as the quick cooking are bit more powdery, Thank you for the great recipe

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