Pistachio Cranberry Quick Bread — 4 Comments

  1. I didn’t understand anything on this website!! It’s all flashing commercials. Why can’t I see the recipe, I don’t want to print it! How much of fresh cranberries, how much of anything??? why are there different versions and additional versions and NOTHING points to how much ingredients to use!! VERY FRUSTRATING and a waste of time. Please post the proper recipe and include amounts for ingredients! Thank you!

    • Hi Clarissa, Did you scroll down all the way to the printable recipe card? If you only looked at the body of the post (where the ingredients are listed in a general format) It also states to scroll down for the full printable recipe. Also, at the top of the post is a jump to recipe button.

      • Thank you so much for your reply, Sheryl! My granddaughter helped me figure it out. I’m old and can’t see very well, so that added to the frustration.
        We made the bread following your recipe. It is the best recipe for cranberry-pistachio bread that I’ve tried so far. The family enjoyed it very much, it was gone in minutes! we also had fun preparing it!
        Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

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