Pumpkin Churro Cupcakes — 22 Comments

  1. Those cupcakes look yummy! I love churros, and so does my son. Thanks so much for the challenge, it was lots of fun. I look forward to checking out all the other recipes!

  2. Your cupcakes look wonderful! Looking forward to seeing all the pumpkin and cream cheese recipes. I’m sorry I missed the challenge this month. It’s been a crazy month and I’m just trying to keep up! I’ll have to catch up for next month’s challenge.

  3. These look so fantastic (I love the little leaf sprinkles!) and that’s another flavour combination I’ll have to try: pumpkin and chocolate.
    I really enjoyed this month’s challenge, since I’ve never worked with pumpkin or cream cheese before and I really didn’t know how well they go down. Turns out very well. I was so pleased and would never had attempted anything like it if it wasn’t for this blog challenge. Shame then that whilst I got the post up I missed the party. ^^; Silly me.

  4. Sounds very tasty, Sheryl! And, you always decorate your desserts so good. Thanks for this challenge, I look forward to it every month. Will there be new ingredients for next year or will they repeat?

  5. These cupcakes looks absolutely flawless! I love the fun leaf sprinkles that you found and I’m loving the chocolate frosting. Yummo, can I have one now? Nothing like a little chocolate to send me off to bed 🙂

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