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  1. I have hakf a bag of these and need to use them today. I was thrilled to find this recipe, but wanted to ask you what the stems and seeds are like when they are eaten. The picture appears to show them whole.

    Thanks for your time!


  2. Forget making sauce, spread, etc. Just eat these roasted. Yum! I will put them on snack cracker with a little bit of cream cheese spread for appetizers. Good hot or cold. This is a keeper!

  3. Read this recipe and happened to have a bag of peppers in the kitchen. So I got up right away and made them using this recipe. Yum! Great for sandwiches mexican food and with grilled tri tip

  4. i would like to use these peppers in your light red pepper and beef pasta dish. it calls for a 12oz. jar of roasted red peppers, drained. what amount of my peppers would i use? thanks

  5. Hey Sheryl,

    I Would Like To Add Sweet Onions To My Peppers.
    Shall I Cook The Onions The Full 40 Minutes, Or Should I Add Them After The First 20 Minutes???

    • Hi Joey, I would try the whole 40 minutes turning over at the 20 minute mark. Maybe you could keep them a little separated so if they do get too dark you can take them out of the pan.

  6. I remove the seeds and stems prior to roasting, makes I a little easier. These are delicious on sandwiches and they are usually all eaten before I have a chance to freeze them. I have only used the mini sweet peppers so far. Will try the large ones next time.

  7. Well they are in the oven as I’m writing and it smells Devine in here. Thank you so much for the simplicity of this process!

    • Hi Melissa, That depends on how you’re using them. Usually it will be in a recipe so they will be heated that way.

    • I think they would roast better if you waited Carmine. Otherwise you’ll have the meat (inside) exposed and you don’t want that to dry out.

  8. I just finished making these. Seeded them first, no turning.I added some granulated garlic. So delicious. I thought of using them with pasta, artichoke hearts, feta, and calamari olives for a Meditterean idea. Any thoughts?

  9. I cooked the peppers and started to taste one . It. Was hot! tasted the raw one and it was not hot! What ‘s happening? Do you take the seeds and vanes out before cooking?

  10. Wonderful! I put in my vegetable lasagna for a baby shower. Great reviews. I make one meat lasagna and one veggie, with yellow squash and zucchini!

  11. Thank you. I am the only one in my house that eats them. Usually they go bad before I can finish a bag. I just roasted them and they are delicious! Next time I go shopping I am going to buy multiple bags!

  12. I am planning on roasting them and then stuffing with a shrimp mixture, will they be to soft to fill by cooking for the full 40 minutes, I would like them to be alittle crunchy.

  13. At .99 a lb right now i have 2lbs going into the oven. I will serve some with my chicken picata tonight and the rest for salads and subs throughout the week.

  14. Sometimes throw in a few whole garlic cloves, slightly browned slices of sausage, radishes and about 5 minutes before they are done, a slice a plantain and fold it into the mixture. The plantain adds a bit of sweetness.

  15. I actually used our stovetop grill to roast the peppers but thanks for the oven idea. If anyone makes home made hummus, they are awesome added to the chick peas.

  16. Do I need to take the seeds/membrane out to eat them after roasting? If I do, what’s the easiest way to remove? They are halfway done roasting and smell so good!

  17. Thanks for the recipe. I’m trying to recreate a frozen dinner that my husband loved and it had roasted peppers in it. Didn’t want to run to the store just for a jar of peppers… now I don’t have to. Thanks

  18. No oil needed. I washed, dried, placed on parchment paper on top of aluminum foil. 400°F 15 minutes, flip, and add additional 15 minutes…they were PERFECT!!! Left cool on a cutting board and the green top pulls off effortlessly after 5 minutes, taste so good!

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