Steak Sandwich Stackers — 26 Comments

  1. Love this idea. I’m going to try these for the weekend. Might make a small variation by making some with smokehouse ham and oven roasted turkey. Give everyone a little preference taste. Thanks for this very LBC original idea.

  2. I do my last minute gardening, then my family get together to grill and enjoy everyone company.
    Your recipe looks delicious. I will have to try it will a tri-tip roast.

  3. Definitely a visit to a National Cemetery with the grand children. There is nothing more moving to children and adults then a visit on Memorial Day… We usually choose Fort Gibson, OK…

  4. These looks really good, just have a great picnic in a local park with family and friends, what a nice prize thanks for the opportunity.

  5. my fave activity over the Memorial Day holiday is hanging out by a pool doing nothing but eating and drinking and soaking up the sun.

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