Slow Cooker Peach Cobbler — 15 Comments

  1. For anyone who doesn’t love canned peaches, you can substitute two 1-lb bags of frozen, sliced peaches and use 1 c water for the base of the sauce. Increase sugar to 1.5-2c, depending on how sweet you like it. Fabulous recipe!!

  2. I made this slow cooker peach cobbler in my slow cooker. Using all three cans of juice was way too much, it was too juicy. Next time, I will use maybe two cans of juice. It was good, but did not look anything like the picture.

    • Uh-oh……sorry I just read recipe again and wouldn’t you know, you already said what size! Color me embarrassed. But I would still like to know if I can bake it in oven.

  3. Hi Cheryl I made this slow cooker peach cobbler sunday it was so good my family especially my husband just loved it However I added some baked crispy pie crust pieces to my cobbler. To give it more crust and to absorb some of the liquid, So yes I will be making this cobbler again !

  4. I don’t own a food processor could you use a regulat blender ? If not what are my other option. Could the pie crust be used whole.

    • Hi Makeda, Yes the crust can be kept whole. I did that to make it easy to cut into. If you don’t have a food processor you can use a hand grater.

    • Hi Tracie, I’m not sure how well a bullet would shred the frozen dough. I do know someone that used a handheld grater.

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