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    • Hi Nancy, I didn’t need to add more milk but I did stir them through out to make sure they heated through evenly. Maybe that kept them creamy.

    • I put the mashed potatoes in the crock pot on low. This keeps them warm and one less last minute thing to do! I love the idea of making gravy early. It’s always a last minute “mess” in the kitchen! I serve everything buffet style from the kitchen island!

  1. if there’s not a Trader Joe’s where I live where is the best place to buy turkey broth? I’ve seen chicken & beef broth but not turkey

    • Hi Cynthia, Swanson has turkey broth. If your store carries that brand they will probably have it this time of year. You can also order it from Amazon or just use chicken broth.

  2. Thanks for this recipe. I have used bottled gravy, gravy from packets, even gravy from high end culinary retailers. Will definitely try this one for our Christmas turkey!!

  3. I was browsing for new holiday recipes (don’t tell my family, I was told many years ago to ALWAYS fix the same foods) when I ran across this one. This is how I’ve been making mine too. As in most homes around the holidays it’s crazy around here. I bought some pans with the plastic tops just for the holidays. Makes stacking them in the fridge easier. I make all my pies & desserts 2 days before. The day before I fix all my sides up to the point where they go in the oven ie…holiday mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole etc. Except for the one’s that go in the crockpots. And night before I get my turkey and ham ready then all I have to do while my family and friends are here is just slide pans in & out of the oven. So much easier & less stressful…a win win for me!!

  4. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Trying to do all the prep the day before so that the “cook” can enjoy the day. thanks for all your great recipes.

  5. I used this recipe for our early Thanksgiving yesterday. The turkey drippings were from a citrus/herb brine, marinade and rub, so wouldn’t have translated well into gravy. I used half beef stock and half chicken, following the rest of the recipe. It was perfect, and my gravy-junkie person was completely wowed. Thank you!

  6. I’m in the market for a thicker gravy. Where is this one on the thickness scale? And have you ever added some giblets for enhanced flavor?

    • Hi Bart, This is a thick gravy. If you would like it to be a little thicker, take a tablespoon of cold butter and mash a tablespoon of flour into it and stir into the hot gravy. No, I haven’t added any turkey to the gravy because I usually either don’t have a turkey or I have smoked it. That would be a wonderful addition.

  7. This gravy is amazing! It has a rich buttery flavor! I made it tonite for thanksgiving tomorrow as we are using an oil-less fryer to “deep fry” our turkey and there won’t be dripping. Goodz God is this gravy awesome and I love making a roux!!

    • Hi Tara, I don’t think the slow cooker will get hot enough to brown the flour. My advice would be to make it a few days early in a stove top pot and re heat it in your slow cooker.

  8. Thank you, thank you for this recipe!!! I will be making your turkey gravy recipe from now on. I work long hours this time of year and whatever I can make ahead for holiday meals,I do. I have even made mashed potatoes weeks before, freeze them in a safe freezer,oven safe serving dish. I just take it out in plenty of time to thaw in the fridge before heati g in the oven. Sure is a time saver.

  9. I made this gravy today as a trial run for Thanksgiving. It was awesome and easy. I have cooked at least 48 Thanksgiving dinners in my married life and have really turned out some whoppers for gravy!! Next time I will brown the butter & flour a little longer. It was the perfect gravy I have been looking for! I’m glad I found it. I googled “turkey gravy without the drippings”!!!
    Pat, Central Texas

  10. This is the best and the easiest. The only change I made was to double the recipe because it goes very fast once it hits the table, and I reduce the turkey stock by about 1/3. It seems to concentrate the flavor, or at least I have convinced myself it does. YUM!

    • Hi Julie, I’m guessing you didn’t let the flour cook long enough. You might of had your heat too high which got the flour brown but didn’t allow the flour to cook.

  11. This is a fantastic gravy recipe! Thank you! I couldn’t find turkey broth, so I used chicken. I added a little poultry seasoning, and it tastes just like Thanksgiving!

    • That’s amazing JoAnn! That’s how I feel too! Making the gravy while everyone is waiting is the most stressful part of the whole meal. Take that stress away and it’s wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

  12. So, I know this post is fro m several years ago, but I had to thank you for your perfect recipe. I made this gravy ahead last night and when my my husband tasted it, he said I am now in charge of the turkey gravy from now on! It is THAT good! I made it with stock I made from a smoked turkey. So tasty! Now that I know I can make this ahead with any flavor, holidays and special dinners will be so much eaxier! Thank you and may you as yours have a blessed, warm and happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Thanks for the recipe! We always smoke our turkey too so no drippings left to use. But hubs does the smoking a couple days early so I can boil the bones for broth, and refrigerate to skim off the fat. This is my new go-to!!

  14. I love it when my wife makes a big turkey or chicken dinner. We always have enough left over so I can make and freeze my own “TV dinners”. Problem is, I never have enough gravy. Your recipe has solved my dilemma and it’s so easy and quick to make… and delicious! Thank-you!

  15. Have you ever frozen turkey gravy? We are traveling several hours and arriving at my daughter’s two days before Thanksgiving. Would be nice to make and transport frozen.

    • Hi Vickie, I haven’t tried it but I think it would be fine. Thaw the gravy, reheat it slowly in a saucepan, whisking to prevent lumps. You might need to add a bit of water or more turkey stock if it seems too thick. It might separate but you can bring it back together by whisking in a little extra liquid….just keep whisking and it should be fine. Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

  16. If you really are busy instead of melting butter and browning the flour, just add a few grains of instant coffee. adjust to desired brown level. You do not taste the coffee!

  17. I made this 3 times already it is so good no more stress over making gravy anymore I also add a little pan drippings to it I also found turkey stock it’s just amazing can’t wait to try beef gravy

  18. I made this gravy as my first time making gravy and everyone loved it! I added pan drippings and it was even more delicious. I was looking for a recipe without drippings since our turkey doesn’t seem to give off much drippings. I was so sad because I thought I lost this recipe but found it and look forward to making it again!

    • Hi Naomi, Yes….I’ve used corn starch before. It’s a little different and needs a little more whisking but tastes the same.

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