Two Ingredient Angel Food Cake — 24 Comments

  1. I wanted to make it but didn’t have any pie filling I remembered I had frozen blueberries so I took them out and made homemade pie filling. I don’t care much for lemon so I made the almond glaze with toasted sliced almonds. It was yummy!!!

  2. I’ve made this twice, exactly as directed. It never collapsed but rather stayed risen, like pink angel food cake. I want it to collapse into bars, like the pictures. Any idea why this is not working for me?

    • Hi Dona, What size of baking dish or pan are you using? I used a 9×13 and that’s why it sunk in the middle. Angle food cake needs edges to grab onto and rise. That’s where the angel food cake pan comes in. It’s round and allows the cake to properly rise. Other than the size of your pan, I don’t know why your cake beautifully rises.

  3. DELICIOUS: I made it and added 2 teaspoon minced fresh mandarin orange rind. Oh my goodness! Thank you, Sheryl, for making it possible for me to finally make it in a 9×13 rather than the conventional AF cake pan! This is perfect! YAY! It appears there are a lot more servings, too!

  4. Amazing cake. Was the hit dessert of the party. I used four small ramikins on the corners and inverted it to cool. No sinking in the middle. I’ve made this for years with crushed pineapple. I didn’t know I could use any pie filling. Thanks! Opened up a whole new world. Raspberry was wonderful!

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