Garden Macaroni Salad — 38 Comments

  1. Cheryl, i just LOVE this salad and your pretty presentation. Thanks for sharing it last week on Fresh Food Friday/Seasonal Saturday. IT WAS FEATURED today on this weekend’s linky and I hope that you can stop by again and again with these fantastic recipes of yours. There’s a button for you if you’d like.

    • Hi Debbi,
      Yes, I think a bundt pan would work. The salad is still plyable enough that after you turn it out on to a platter you can widen the center a little more. (if you wanted to)

    • Hi Elle,
      You need 3 cups of dry macaroni. Thanks for pointing that out. It was a little confusing. I added dry to the ingredient list. It’s a GREAT salad! 🙂

  2. Looks adorable and I am trying this for Labor Day Holiday, however, where is the onion on the ingredient list, and is three cups of dry pasta mean a pound box is too much??

    • Hi Nancy,
      There is no onion in the recipe. That’s bell pepper and use 3 cups dry pasta. I don’t know if that is a pound box. You’ll need to measure it. If you add too much pasta you’ll have too much for your mold and the dressing. 🙂

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