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    • Hi Teri, If you are decorating the marshmallows to be completely dipped in melted candy. They are fine to sit out. The coating protects them and keeps them fresh.

  1. I am trying to make Sugar colored Marshmallow pops( Red/Black/Silver) for March 14th. How many days ahead can I start making them? Also if I am just using the colored sugar do I need to add the melted candy or it can be done without?

    • Hi Yolanda, In order to preserve the freshness of the marshmallows..yes, you’ll need to dip the marshmallows in melted candy. Plus, the sugar will need something to stick to. I have had them out for a week and they were still fresh as the day I took them out of the bag. That’s the awesomeness of the the candy coating!

  2. HI! thanks for sharing your tips, I want to do them but just cover half of it with candy melts, how do I store them for two days?

    • Hi Gisele, I would do a trial run. Dip them the way you want, put them in an airtight container for a couple of days and see what happens. If you left them out they would dry out for sure.

    • Hi Sharon, If you’re only dipping half of the marshmallow I would recommend wrapping them with lollipop wrappers. Then I think you’ll be safe for a couple of days.

  3. Hello Sheryl. This is such great and easy idea. Im making them for a baby shower and Im organizing. I will make like 100 and will individually wrap them. You wrote they could be done a week in advance. With the hot weather I am going to put them inside the refrigerator so they dnt run on me. I was wondering if the colors stay the same and do you think I will have condensation problems when I take them out? Thanks.

    • Hi Audrey, I really don’t know. The only advice I can give you is to make a trial run. Just do a few and see what happens. Refrigerate some and leave some out.

    • Hi Katie, I like to use Wilton’s Candy Melts. You can find them at Walmart, Michaels or any craft store (I added a photo to post so you can see what I mean). 🙂

  4. u r so sweet to answer everyones questions. so i have 5 small kids 8 and under and i do not cook! but i am starting to do cute stuff for them or at least trying:). anyway we are snack family next week for basketball and thought to make basketball marshmallow pops. (i bought 1 for my son for valentines day somewhere and he loved it). my questions is after i make them all orange the one we bought had black lines in it like a basketball. do u know what i could use to make such skinning black trim on the marshmallow?

    • Thanks Kim! Oh boy the kids are going to think you are super mom when you show up with those goodies! I love how much they taste like peeps! To answer your question I would put the melted black candy melts into a squeeze bottle. That usually gives me great control over where the candy will go offers a great thin line. Good Luck! 🙂

  5. hello
    I want to make this using white chocolate and dying it purple.. I cant seem to get the chocolate to go hard after. It feels soft to touch after it has been in the fridge and a bit wet.. am I doing something wrong?

  6. how many days in advance can i make half dipped with sprinkles and what would be the storage (temperature) requirements for best results

    • Hi Cassandra, Only one day in advance would work for half dipped marshmallows. If possible I would dip the whole marshmallow. To give the marshmallow a more decorative look you can only add the sprinkles half way up. You need that protective coating to keep the marshmallow moist. If you dip the whole thing then it will stay good up to a week. Store at room temperature, place on a tray lightly covered with plastic wrap.

  7. My son’s 10th birthday is coming up I will be making marshmallow pops, my question is I wamt to add candy eyes how do I make them stick? I will make them 2 days before , also can I store them in a cool dry space like the cabinet

    • Hi Patricia, I would use a small amount of the melted candy as glue for the eyes….and I would store the marshmallow pops out on the counter.

  8. Hello Sheryl Amazing! Thank you for sharing the tutorial I am teaching a lesson on Naaman (leper) from the bible, 2 Kings I was trying to decide the best way to illustrate God’s miraculous healing power. The white marshmallow will depict Naaman’s plague with leprosy I will have the children dip the marshmallow’s 7 times to demonstrate God’s miraculous healer power

    I having a hard time locating the pencil inserts.


  9. Hi there! Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I am doing these with the sanding sugar. Have done these and attached a small fondant piece to it? If so how? (I am doing baby shower and have small feet molds I would like to attach)

    • Hi Nica, Once you have your marshmallows covered in the sanding sugar and they are dry, Add a little dollop of the melted candy you use to make your molds. While the candy is still wet (soft) attach the hardened candy molds, hold a few seconds until the melted candy hardens enough to hold the candy mold.

  10. These are some great tips.
    Where does one get the little plastic pieces that you used to place a pencil instead of a pop stick?

    • Hi Carlie, You could try drizzling the different colors over the marshmallows OR place the first one the lowest on the stick, dip, let it harden, place the second one on top but leave some room between, dip and with a fork push the marshmallow to the first marshmallow. You could choose to fix what the fork messed up by drizzling on some of the melted candy or leave it since the last marshmallow will be covering it. Let it harden. Add the top marshmallow again, leaving some room between it and the center marshmallow. Finish my dipping it in the third color. Place in a jar full of rice to finish hardening. NOTE: If you want to add sprinkles you’ll need to do that while the candy is still soft.

  11. If you are making marshmellow snowmen and only dipping the top, which is the hat, could you seal each one individually and keep them fresh for a few days? I am making them for a group of people (41) and know it will take a little time to make them.

  12. Hi,
    Can I do the mallows dip 10 days before the party? How do I store them until the party? Your ideas are great thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Mary,
      10 days might be pushing it. How about a week? But only if they are completely coated in the melted candy. If they aren’t they will dry out if they are they will stay as fresh as the day you took them out of the bag. For storage, I would go ahead (if possible) and put them in the container they will be displayed in and place something over them like a paper towel or wax paper(to keep dust off). Otherwise an airtight container with wax paper between layers works good too.

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