Quick Cinnamon Roll Peach Cobbler — 17 Comments

  1. Just found you on the cats party wed and so glad because cobbler looks unbelievable and decadent. I am going to try this one with some fresh peaches this summer but I think I have to go to the gym first! Thanks for sharing and hosting.

  2. Peaches are by far my favorite Summer fruit. I love this fun (and yummy!) twist on cobbler! Pinning and scheduled to share on FB! 🙂

  3. Hello Sheryl. Thanksgiving this year “2019” will b my 1st time making this dish, it looks delicious. I’m also making my 1st banana pudding from scratch, anywho my ?? Is do I have 2 use a specific flour? Self rising or all purpose?

    • Hi Kennice, That’s the way I normally make peach cobbler. But…the cinnamon rolls are big. If you were to add a bottom and middle layer of dough that would be a lot of dough. As always…you can alter the recipe to fit your taste♥

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