Snowball Pecan Cookies — 26 Comments

  1. These cookies look so good,cant wait to try them,look a lot like Danish wedding cookies and my hubby can eat a whole bag of them .

  2. My mom and I used to make these every Christmas. Delicious! I have not been able to find her recipe. She called them Kokoons. I’ve seen similar recipes for Mexican Wedding Cakes or Russian Tea Cakes. I put together from those recipes and what I remembered, but each time they just weren’t the same. Ingredients were the same as this recipe EXCEPT refrigerating. And, thinking about it, we did refrigerate the dough. So, I think I’ll try it again. Thanks.

        • I couldn’t wait and I made these this evening. They turned out better than my other tries with other recipes. Must have been the refrigeration of the dough. Thank you very much. I probably would have gone on trying or eventually given up altogether. Now I have a homemade treat for Christmas visitors. Enjoy your Christmas and thanks again.

    • One of my favorite cookies. Just this year I heard about roasting the pecans prior. I did them at 350° for 15 minutes. It truly gave the cookies a richer pecan flavor

    • Hi Shellea, No, thirty minutes isn’t long enough to actually freeze them just to firm them up. You should be fine with the listed bake time.

  3. Very glad to have come across your recipe. I had a cookbook that had a recipe for pecan snowball cookies that were like these, same ingredients, except they also included cream cheese which I think was a substitute for all or some of the butter (can’t remember). They were so delicious and literally melted in your mouth. I lost the cookbook in a move a couple of years ago. Happy to have something to replace that recipe. I’ll be making these very soon. ?

      • I actually bought the ingredients tonight to make them. However, I did not get pecans as there are people in my family who cannot eat nuts. Do you think these would still be good even without the nuts? Will the almond flavor be enough to compensate? I used to make the cookies in my missing recipe without them and they were still good. Just wondering if the same will be true for these.

  4. Hi Sheryl, well you have become my go-to for all things Delicious! From your amazing pecan pie cheesecake fudge to these outstanding easy VERY tasty treats. Glad I found you and thanks!

    • Hi Rosemary, I would only freeze the dough. I don’t think the confectioners’ sugar would hold up well to the moisture of the freezer. You keep the dough in the freezer up to 3 months.

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